The Contamination Principle Released for Savage Rifts®

The Contamination Principle for Savage RiftsYour Special Exploratory Team for the Tomorrow Legion is on patrol in the Oklahoma Territory. The short range radio crackles to life. A man’s voice fades in and out through the garbled transmission: “…sighted Xiticix…Red River…before it’s too late…Valiant…” Then the broadcast ends.

Just how far will you go to be a hero to the town of Valiant?

The Contamination Principle is the latest adventure release for Savage Rifts®. Can you save the day? If you can, at what cost? Find out today!

A Duo of Deadlands Art Updates!

Deadlands: Good IntentionsThe world is as ever-changing and mercurial as a dust storm across the open plains of the Weird West—or maybe the hair on the back of that thing that might be a werewolf that’s trying to eat your horse.

Either way, it’s good news for anyone with the Art of the Weird West or Deadlands Reloaded GM Screen Inserts—we’ve updated both of those PDFs with new material from Good Intentions!  Whether you’re looking for additional art or updated and expanded tables, go download a new set or pick up a copy if you haven’t.

Horror for the Holidays from ETU and Geek & Sundry

ETU: Horror for the Holidays AdventureThe fine folks at Geek & Sundry just gave a shout out to our own ETU: Horror for the Holidays in their 5 Holiday Themed RPG Modules for Your Group!

If you’re up for saving Pinebox from a marauding spirit dressed as Santa Claus, be sure to grab your own copy of Horror for the Holidays and get into the mood of the season.

If you’re looking for more holiday-themed adventure, be sure to read the full article at 5 Holiday Themed RPG Modules for Your Group.

If you’re hoping to save a bundle on an ETU Bundle, then keep watching here. There might be one coming up for Christmas. Maybe. And it might show up some time this week. Maybe. Oh, the suspense is killing me—or it might if I roll a 20 on the Fear Table…

Aegis Releases Mystery in the Mindshatter

Mystery in the Mindshatter from Aegis StudiosHis Majesty Chuckles, faerie king of Mindshatter, has gone missing. His daughter is forced to seek help from the humanoid lands. Are you up for traveling from your world to hers, to meet with the Princess and save the King?

Aegis Studios has released Mystery in the Mindshatter, a fairy adventure suitable for all ages. Have a romp through the realms of the fae or bring your kids into the RPG hobby—or both!

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